Integrated Campaigns & Media Mapping

Integrated marketing campaigns ensure that the messages reaching audiences across multiple media are consistent, coherent, complementary, and effective. Bridging online and offline marketing and other promotional efforts, it empowers multiple strategies to work together seamlessly as a unified force.


This approach requires comprehensive planning and analysis of the relative importance of each method of communication and promotion to ensure clarity, consistency, and maximum impact, optimising budgeting decisions and using data to adjust and refine strategy as needed.


This holistic process focuses on synchronising communication and execution tools so that they work in harmony, reinforcing recognition, consistency, and ultimately trust.


Media mapping is key to the development of a comprehensive communications strategy. Media mapping and analysis allow content to be refined and adapted to context to maximise reach and impact and turn data into meaningful insights.


Working with your team, we can develop a brand audit that leads to a selection of the most appropriate and effective online platforms for your brand, optimising your presence in front of the audience you wish to reach, through a combination of social media, mobile, email, display, SEM and influencer engagement.

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