Brand Identity & Naming

The creation of a brand identity involves consideration of all brand elements and how they can complement each other to present a clear, coherent, and memorable image to the intended audience. We start with developing a clear understanding of the purpose, values, personality and positioning of the brand, taking a consistent approach to ensure that the identity of the brand matches the image perceived by the audience. Good design is the foundation of brand identity recognition, using typography, colour, and form to develop an accurate representation of the brand. We create brand guidelines and internal trainings to ensure understanding and consistency within the organisation itself.


Naming is also a vital component of brand perception and awareness. At Pabrik, we love words, and no words are more important than those you choose to name your brand and represent the essence of what you do. The name chosen is an extension of your brand and should be used to reinforce your brand: it should sound good, look good, be memorable, and be appropriate to your target market in terms of meaning, pronunciation and associations. We map existing names and test potential names to find the best solution for your product.

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